Joep Beving

Hermetism in Royal Theatre Carre Amsterdam

The Royal Theatre Carré / Hermetism light installation

On Thursday December 1st 2022, we had our debut in the queen of theatres in my hometown; the royal Carré. For this occasion we teamed up with artist and friend @boris.acket with whom we developed a completely new light installation and scenography build around my last album Hermetism.

The scenography for Hermetism consists out of two ‘instruments’.

One we coined as ‘the source’. A light inspired by energy. A central light that is able to be used directly, but is also able to reflect, refract and transform into something unpredictable while continuously beaming from the same source. Transforming, mutating, and transmuting into something else without having a different origin. One focal point at the end of the room, one mind.

The second we coined ‘the balance’. 7 large scales, moved only by shifting their weight; inspired by the 7 laws of hermetism, with a special notion to Polarity; a pair of opposities. By using light inside the scales, at the position of the weight the scales seem to be sometimes, floating, sometimes moving, sometimes light and drifting, sometimes solid and heavy. The scales can swing fast, but can only move slow continuously, as we have to abide the laws of gravity while we use them.

The installations are also loosely inspired by the psychology of open eye meditation; they can be seen as repetitive tools to slowly guide you into the performance.

In 1,5 hour we slowly built an abstract narrative with these sculptures in front of a full house. A humbling experience. Can’t wait to bring this show to theaters around Europe in the coming year!

A special big thank you goes out to @merijnversnel , Menko Leeuw, @pianosmaene @basjnsn and mojo and my team @markbrounen @martijnx and @jorisvwelsen