Joep Beving

Hermetism - artwork by Jonathan Niclaus



They played a waltz, ‘Songe d’Automne’ by Archibald Joyce, when the Titanic was sinking.
I have thought about it many times during the making of this album.What is the purpose of this music I am creating? Is it more than a lullaby, a sedation, for the already numb and paralyzed?
Have we ever been more polarized and divided?
It is so painful to see how our external differences create more division and pain,knowing this is all at the surface of things and just a fragment of reality.

I am trying to find a truth beyond the perils of our extinction, faced with the unconditional love and trust in the eyes of my daughters. The truth will set us free. I am doubtful my thoughts can live up to my music. I am doubtful my music can live up to my thoughts. But to negate my existence is to deny my beautiful offspring a chance at life. Our beautiful exquisite ineffable life.
Music is life and to live is to find harmony.
My dream is to build an arch, to be afloat on the waves of sound, guided by beauty on a journey to find truth.
It will not sink. It can never sink.

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