Joep Beving

(c) Silva Westera

De Leven

De Leven

Mark Brounen, who has been Joep's manager almost since the beginning of his career, was diagnosed with cancer when returning from the last Australia tour in March 2020. When Joep and Mark met to talk about life and death after his diagnosis, much of the conversation revolved around music. Mark mentioned that the song 'De Leven' by Dutch artist @Sef had always had a special meaning to him with which he identified. The idea was born that night to do a cover version of the song to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. With the help of studio mates Tjeerd Bomhoff and Mathias Janmaat, Joep produced the song which features Dutch artist @S10 on vocals and @Maarten and Ernst-Jan Vos on strings.

- All proceeds of De Leven fund cancer research via foundation De Leven .

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