Joep Beving

FRANCHISE FREEDOM - Burning Man 2018

Studio Drift - Franchise Freedom

Franchise Freedom, a flying sculpture at Burning Man 2018.

In their work Studio Drift often contemplates the concept of freedom. Franchise Freedom visualizes the connection between a group and the individual by mimicking a swarm of starlings.

As dusk fell over Black Rock City, 600 luminous drones rose into a hypnotic display of technological choreography, accompanied by the poignant keys of Joep Beving. The drones were guided by a specially made algorithm that simultaneously allows both individual choice and movement as a group. The innovative technology made it possible to create a 3d image in the sky that could be viewed from multiple angles.

Artists: Ralph Nauta Lonneke, Gordijn, Lucas van Oostrum, Wilco Vlenterie Piano Music: Ab Ovo Composed and performed by Joep Beving Special thanks to: Cheryl Edison, Crimson Rose, Sergey Brin, Ahmed El Bawardi, Ping Fu, Jeremy Crandell, Rutger Jansen, Ryan Delbridge, Robert Nauta, Robert Wieringa, Ariana Vafandari, Jeroen Berkhemer, Ian Sutcliffe, The Rocket Man, Mark Brounen, Scott Sarah, Faraj Brandon, Torres Deciet, Lauren Brand, Mollie Dent-Brockiehurst, Marian Goodell, Marc Glimcher, Will Roger, Peterson Chris Harnden, Jeroen Fontein, Eelke Kleijn, Pablo Gonzalez Vargas, Mayan Warrior, the pilots. Jake Kooi, Camp Drift, Addison Mike, Mikolaj Sekutowic, Robert C. Hanea ,John Ollwerther. Production video: Arjen van Eijk Director: Sergio Abuja Camera: Arjen van Eijk, Remy Cadier, Sergio Abuja Dronecam Operator: Grant Lowenfeld Edit: Arjen van Eijk