Joep Beving

POST 10" vinyl album artwork (@Sasha Drumure)

Joep Beving - POST

This song has been a long time in the making and I am happy it is finally out. It was mostly produced and recorded during the pandemic. I wanted to do a piece where I could include some of my instruments that I rarely use on my 'normal' recordings, so it is synth heavy. We've recorded Luke Flowers from Cinematic Orchestra on drums, two orchestras for the intro and the ending of the song, a Bulgarian choir and a Ney flute. I have had a lot of support from various people along the way, but Stijn Hosman (from Polynation) has been crucial in getting the mix right. The song comes with a film we've created to serve as the protagonist of the piece. The film directed by Hugo Keijzer, will be out the 1st of May.