Joep Beving

Henosis a journey in three albums - film

Henosis a journey in three albums

We join Joep on his journey in three albums. When self-releasing his debut album Solipsism, the Dutch pianist couldn’t have thought his music and life would take the flight that it did in the past 5 years since then. This is a short portrait of Joep in which he talks about his inspiration behind the music, while we follow him around the world.

Production: Fono Amsterdam Director: Bas Verwoerd Director of Photography: Ties Versteegh NSC Additional Camera: Mick van Dantzig, Jasper de Kloet Sound Recordist: Marcel van Stralendorff Edit: Thomas Schenk, Bas Verwoerd Grading: Barry Clarke @ Captcha Sound design: Feike @ Sound Circus Thanks to Camalot Amsterdam, Marcel Oudendijk, SoundCircus and Mark Brounen